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Molini di Triora in the Valle Argentina is located only 1 hour 30 minutes from the well known Finale Ligure, base of the ENDURO WORLD SERIES (EWS). Although it is still an unknown destination for many, this valley is actually the first place where MOUNTAIN BIKE has developed in the Ligurian region. With its unique configuration offers a spectacular assortment of trails which descend from 2200m to the Sea and can certainly be defined as a PARADISE for all MTB lovers. 

What do we offer?

UNIQUE TRAILS: All the trails around Molini are NATURAL with flow single track, steep descents incorporating rocks, tree roots and a mixture of berms and switch backs thrown in just for fun, there really is something for everyone. The descents are truly amazing with a beautiful scenic backdrop you have an assortment varying from 3km to 10km, and difference in altitude ranging from 300m to 1400m. Valle Argentina is the perfect destination for you to have fun and enjoy the nature away from all the crowds. 

PROFESSIONAL GUIDES: Our guides will be available to give you help at all times during your stay. They will show you the best trails according to your desires and preferences. They will take care to explain the diversity of the trails available and will discuss with you which combination for the day you would most enjoy depending on your abilities. With us doing all the background work you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery ready for a great day riding and exploring what Molini has to offer. 

SHUTTLE FULL COMFORT: Our purpose is to offer you a complete service to make you feel safe and happy at all times. For this we make sure that our vehicles are comfortable, clean, and that our drivers take care of you in a considerate and attentive way.

LOCAL KNOWLEDGE: We personally take care of the trails maintenance so we will choose for your stay the best ones available. You will experience the “classic” tracks that made Molini famous in the MTB community but also some new and more secret paths  that only our guides know, guaranteeing your enjoyment and a bit of challenge. Furthermore we will also share with you the local traditions and cuisine which are famous in the Valley giving you the 360° experience of life in Molini. 

SHUTTLE SERVICE available every day from March to October upon request.

FULL DAY WITH GUIDE from 70€ per person (minimum 4 people).

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